Announcing InMon Traffic Sentinel 8.5

May 2019: InMon Traffic Sentinel 8.5 is now available for download. This is a free upgrade for customers who have purchased annual maintenance.

Previous release: 8.4

New features include:

  1. Responsive web interface for better support on mobile devices
  2. Map Drawing Enhancements
  3. Enhanced Layer 2 Topology Discovery
  4. Performance Improvements
  5. Event Forwarding to Slack, Rocket-Chat
  6. Detect MTU issues with new TCP-IP Counters
  7. New Thresholding Options and Filters

Responsive web interface for better support on mobile devices

On smaller screens, such as a smart-phone or tablet, the Traffic Sentinel UI will automatically adopt an alternate form that makes touchscreen naviagtion from page to page much easier. Menus and in-page settings will "flow" into a vertical arrangement.

Map Drawing Enhancements

The maps, and weather-map scripts, now allow for gradient-fill node coloring and "octilinear" edge routing to display high quality, auto-generated topology maps without requiring extensive human input. Edge labels are now rotated to align with their edge segments. Support for "heat map" coloring is included.

Enhanced layer 2 Topology Discovery

Traffic Sentinel uses a number of methods to resolve the layer 2 topology. The 8.5 release includes significant improvements in accuracy. Particularly when LLDP is enabled on all devices.

Performance Improvements

The query cache now adapts dynamically to any time lag in the incoming measurement stream, so that now even the most recent results can often be cached. This contributes to faster response times in interactive charting and dashboards. New tuning options using /dev/shm to accelerate I/O can also boost performance on larger sites.

Event Forwarding to Slack, Rocket-Chat

When teams interact with each other using IRC tools such as Slack or Rocket-Chat it can he helpful to add a channel for events from Traffic Sentinel. These application-note examples can help you set this up for your team.

Detect MTU issues with new TCP-IP Counters

The freeware host-sflow agent provides detailed TCP/IP counters that provide insight into framentation/reassembly issues, buffer drops and retransmissions in the protocol stack on that host. Traffic Sentinel now accepts and stores those counters, integrating them with the Hosts>Statistics page.

New Thresholding Options and Filters

New interface counter threshold settings allow for separate thresholds on inbound and outbound discards, and filters can be applied to make a given threshold apply only to device sysObjectID or interface ifAlias strings matching a pattern.

Similarly, new host-sflow thresholds are now available for counters such as TCP Retransmissions, and pattern filters can be applied to the hostname or application name (where applicable).

Previous Release: Announcing Traffic Sentinel 8.4