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Traffic Sentinel

Scaleable network intelligence

Traffic Sentinel™ provides real-time network visibility to manage large complex networks. An intuitive drill-down interface simplifies navigation through detailed network data to quickly find answers.

  • Understand who is using the network, where they are, and what they are doing.
  • Rapidly identify the cause of any problems or abnormal traffic.
  • Understand trends in usage and accurately target upgrades.
  • Generate reports on current and historical performance.

Traffic Sentinel has at its core InMon's patented correlation engine and database that is capable of continuously monitoring tens of thousands of switch/router ports. Sophisticated statistical algorithms combine peformance data from all the devices to build an easily queryable real-time picture of the entire network (U.S. Patents 8005009, 8427950, 8838774).

Key features

Traffic Sentinel makes use of embedded instrumentation within switches, routers, load balancers, and servers. Industry standard sFlow provides the richest information, greatest scalability, and is supported by the largest number of vendors (see sFlow Capable Devices). Traffic Sentinel also accepts IPFIX and a number of proprietary monitoring technologies, including: Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, and HP Extended RMON. The use of embedded switch and router monitoring eliminates the need for probes, is simple to deploy, cost effective, and provides detailed network-wide visibility.

  • Network-wide thresholds and alarms
  • Real-time top n visualization
  • Host location
  • Automated L2 and L3 topology discovery and mapping
  • Application dependency mapping
  • Fullly detailed historical data retention
  • Customizable interactive and scheduled reporting
  • Continuous monitoring of tens of thousands of switch ports and servers
  • Access to performance data from any web browser or web-aware application
  • Easy integration with other applications through open interface and web-based queries

Technical Specifications

Protocols Monitored
Full layer 2 - layer 7 analysis:
BGP4 source, destination, peer, full AS path analysis

Server performance:
Physical server CPU, memory, disk and network IO
Virtual machine CPU, memory, disk and network IO
Server UUID, OS, machine type and MAC addresses

Application performance:
HTTP URL, Referer, operation, mime-type
response time, status code, bytes, requests

Standard reports
Traffic profiling and trending (host, protocol, link)
Server profiling and trending (CPU, memory, disk, network)
Cluster performance
Top servers
IP multicast sources, channels and trends
BGP AS Path analysis
Usage accounting
Unauthorized activity

Data Sources
sFlow (including host, ADC, and web server extensions)
IPFIX (over UDP)
Cisco NetFlow Versions 1, 5, 7 and 9 (non-aggregated)
Juniper j-flow (non-aggregated)
SNMP (1, 2c, 3)
Monitors 100,000+ switch ports from a single server
System Requirements
Traffic Sentinel is a web-based application that runs on a variety of platforms designed to monitor different size networks.

Virtual Machine
Medium size network (campus, small data center)

OS Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS or Fedora
CPU 2 x vCPU
Memory 8GB (min.) 32GB (recommended)
Disk 100GB (min.) 400GB (recommended)
Network 100Mbps

Stand-alone server
Large network (large campus, data center)

OS Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS or Fedora
CPU 8 cores (min.) 32 cores (recommended)
Memory 16GB (min.) 64GB (recommended)
Disk 500GB (min.) 2TB SSD (recommended)
Network 1Gbps
HP Network Integration Tested HP Converged Infrastructure Ready sFlow enabled