Current Resellers

The product purchasing page contains a list of resellers by region.

Reseller Information

InMon's products provide a unique opportunity for resellers interested in offering traffic management and reporting services and solutions to service provider, data center or enterprise customers.

InMon Traffic Sentinel collects traffic data using embedded flow monitoring technologies, including: sFlow, IPFIX, Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow and Hewlett-Packard Extended RMON. The use of embedded switch and router monitoring eliminates the need for probes, providing a cost effective way of providing detailed, network-wide coverage.

InMon solutions provide customers with detailed traffic information that is used for

The products provide opportunities for ongoing consulting and the development of to meet specific customer requirements.

Qualified resellers should have the following characteristics:

  • Reputation for quality.
  • Established provider of network equipment and/or services.
  • Expertise in networking and network management.
  • Existing or identified customer opportunities.
  • Ability to install and support Linux-based systems.

For information on becoming an InMon reseller please contact