In addition to licensing the sFlow® technology, InMon has established partnerships with organizations to promote the benefits of sFlow in their products and to deliver network-wide visibility and analytics solutions.

InMon initially established a partnership with Foundry Networks to deliver sFlow network monitoring solutions. InMon and Foundry engineers coauthored the sFlow specification and subsequently, Foundry was the first vendor to ship sFlow enabled switches. After Brocade acquired Foundry, Brocade has continued to implement sFlow across the switching product line and InMon is a Brocade Techology Alliance Partner. InMon partners with Brocade to deliver traffic management solutions for Brocade's multi-layer switches.

Docker provides a completely open platform for developing distributed applications. Customers turn to Docker to build, run, and deploy, portable cloud ready applications. InMon is a Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner, partnering with Docker to extend visibility beyond the physical network into Docker networking, including: Linux bridge, Open vSwitch, macvlan, and ipvlan.

InMon is an HP AllianceONE member, providing traffic management solutions for HP Networking switches. HP switches have built-in sFlow support (older HP switches may have built-in Extended RMON support). For more information see HP/InMon Alliance.

Recognising the need for visibility into wireless networks, InMon and HP coauthored the wireless extension to the sFlow specification.


InMon and Microsoft have established a partnership to deliver sFlow for the Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V extensible switch. The Hyper-V sFlow Agent and InMon's analytics software provides complete network and system visibility in Microsoft Windows environments. InMon has also worked with Microsoft to integrate the Hyper-V sFlow agent with Microsoft System Center for easy deployment across cloud and data center environments.

InMon and Microsoft coauthored an extension to the sFlow specification to provide visibility in virtualized network and tunneled environments.