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HP/InMon Alliance

InMon is an HP AllianceONE Networking partner. The HP AllianceONE Networking program provides a choice of secure, best-in-class solutions from a community of developers, using HP's market-leading open-standards network foundation. In joining AllianceONE, InMon's Traffic Sentinel can now be run on the HP Advanced Services zl Module, giving you the confidence that the HP Networking and InMon solution will be fully tested and supported. For more information, visit HP AllianceONE: Networking Specialization

HP switches, with their integrated sFlow capability and InMon's best-in-class traffic management solutions, give you visibility in to all the traffic on your network. With the availability of Traffic Sentinel on the HP Advanced Services zl Module, the sFlow analysis capability is also integerated into the network. InMon Traffic Sentinel offers sophisticated reporting, data extraction and filtering allowing you to address performance issues or suspected misuse as they happen. Traffic Sentinel also ensures that all users have fair access to network resources, and that bandwidth is reserved for business critical applications by automatically tracking usage quotas and applying rate limiting of traffic from users who exceed their quotas.

InMon Corp. is a leading supplier of network monitoring solutions for managing traffic on high-speed switched and routed networks. InMon's traffic management applications include the enterprise class Traffic Sentinel, and sFlowTrend for medium sized networks. InMon's products take advantage of the industry standard sFlow® technology that is built into HP switches and wireless access points.

InMon's products provide comprehensive traffic analysis, defending against threats to network availability and security, ensuring the delivery of critical voice, email, web, database and other services that are essential for an organization to function. The complete network visibility provided by InMon, and sFlow in HP switches, eliminates guesswork, reduces downtime and ensures the efficient operation of network services. sFlowTrend and Traffic Sentinel provide customers with a detailed, real-time view of activity throughout the network, and comprehensive reporting capability to allow detailed analysis and forensics.

InMon is pioneering the use of statistical sampling to develop scalable and cost effective solutions for network wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents in this field.

InMon is based in San Francisco, California, and has resellers worldwide. InMon's products have been purchased by over 300 leading Enterprise, Service Provider, Educational, Healthcare, Government and Media customers around the world.