InMon has hundreds of customers throughout the world. Our traffic monitoring technology is used in a variety of sectors, including Enterprise, Service Providers, Education, Healthcare, Government and Media.


Agilent Technologies Marriott International Hewlett-Packard
General Mills John Deere Kodak Gallery

"I use the InMon Traffic Sentinel product to monitor every switch port on our site (currently 4000+) and our wide area network traffic using the NetFlow functionality. I find myself depending on Traffic Sentinel's features to perform ad hoc traffic studies for our R&D and Manufacturing teams. It has also proven invaluable in proving to the systems gurus that application problems are not due to the network. The granularity and flexibility of Traffic Sentinel are just plain unmatched anywhere in the industry. And, just as important, product upgrades are a snap and tech support is first rate."
Joe Giegel, Senior Network Engineer,
Agilent Technologies

"We are delighted with the InMon Traffic Sentinel product. Recently we have been using it to fix congestion problems caused by backup traffic crossing the production network instead of going straight to the backup-LAN. With Traffic Sentinel, problems like this show up so clearly that now we feel really in control. The network is running more smoothly every day."
Victor Chu, Network Engineer,

Service Providers

MaximumASP Peer1 @Tokyo Corporation
Telefonica Time Warner Cable

"We have been using InMon Traffic Sentinel for several years to perform bandwidth analysis for our billing model. Since using InMon we have accurate data that has been integrated into our control panel for viewing and trending by our customers. We use InMon for internal network monitoring and trending as well. One other great benefit to using this product is the support we get. It’s a good feeling when you call in and get to talk to one of the main developers and your issues are addressed promptly. Overall one of the best investments we’ve made."
Donnie Cunningham, Director of Data Center Operations,
MaximumASP, LLC

"After trying several products and having 60% of the solution and 50% of the automation we needed for accurate analysis and billing, we finally installed InMon, within the first few days we had reliable accurate data. InMon support has been world class as well."
William Groh, Architect,
Telefonica Data USA

"InMon Traffic Sentinel is a very reliable solution. I often use the AS Path Analysis features to understand the JPIX peering relationships and to see the top source ASNs for various types of traffic. I have also found the traffic analysis functions and the capability to trace sources of denial of service attacks useful for protecting against ICMP flood attacks."
Hisazumi Iwakura, Manager, System Engineering Department, Network Group,
@Tokyo Corp


Stanford University University of California San Francisco University of Birmingham
University of Florida University of Texas at Austin Princeton University

"With sFlow in the core, and using InMon, we had reduced the off-site network traffic by 50% within days, because 50% of the traffic was not legitimate - sFlow and InMon were brilliant, though we also educated the users so they knew the network was now being monitored."
John Turnbull, Head of Networks
University of Birmingham

"I've got to say that we are using Traffic Sentinel every day and are amazed at how much insight it gives into the actual use of our network."
Glen Van Lehn, Network Engineer,
City College San Francisco


Genomics Institute of Novartis Research Foundation University of Utah Health Science Center ARUP Laboratories
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Philips Medical Systems

"The Traffic Sentinel has made a HUGE impact in our network. We have a large IT group that tends to blame things on the network. That doesn't happen so much anymore because with embedded monitoring, sFlow (RFC 3176), and Traffic Sentinel, we can rapidly pinpoint the cause of problems. This product is probably the best tool we have added to our network in the last 3 years."
Eric Hansen, Network Systems Administrator,
ARUP Laboratories

"The InMon Traffic Sentinel is the first Network Management tool that I have seen that gives us so much useful data. We monitor over 10,000 ports on a single server and we love it. When a user complains of slowness we can immediately identify which user is causing the problem. Traffic Sentinel is the only way to monitor a switched environment."
Jason Traeden, Network Engineer,
University of Utah Health Science Center


National Aeronautics and Space Administration U.S. Pacific Command County of Orange
U.S. Army - Fort Carson Sandia National Laboratories Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

"Without InMon and sFlow during a worm outbreak, we could have lost services to a large portion of our customer's enterprise network. We were able to keep 16,000 workstations up while isolating over 4000 hostile hosts. The built-in reports are great, they helped us track down the infected hosts. The system is amazing. I cannot believe that this has not made a bigger impact in the industry."
Steve Stawski, CTO
ACS State and Local Solutions


BBC Associated Press The Moving Picture Company
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. RTL Television

"In our environment performance is critical. Traffic Sentinel allows us to pinpoint network problems instantly through its unprecedented visibility into traffic throughout our new campus"
Robert Jordan, Senior Network Engineer,
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.