Scaleable network intelligence

Traffic Sentinel™ provides real-time network visibility to manage large complex networks. An intuitive drill-down interface simplifies navigation through detailed network data to quickly find answers.

  • Understand who is using the network, where they are, and what they are doing.
  • Rapidly identify the cause of any problems or abnormal traffic.
  • Understand trends in usage and accurately target upgrades.
  • Generate reports on current and historical performance.

Traffic Sentinel makes use of embedded instrumentation within switches, routers and servers. Industry standard sFlow® provides the richest information, greatest scalability and is supported by the largest number of vendors (see sFlow Capable Devices). However, Traffic Sentinel also accepts IPFIX and a number of proprietary monitoring technologies, including: Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, and Hewlett-Packard Extended RMON. The use of embedded switch and router monitoring eliminates the need for probes, providing a cost effective way of providing detailed, network-wide coverage.

sFlowTrend™ is a free, graphical, sFlow collector, plotting top talkers and interface counters over time. sFlow is a popular, industry standard, technology for monitoring traffic in networks. Many network devices are capable of generating sFlow and can be monitored using sFlowTrend.

sFlowTrend-Pro™ extends the free version of sFlowTrend, adding storage of historical data, and the ability to monitor multiple network switches at once.

sFlow-RT is a real-time sFlow analytics engine for use in Software Defined Networking (SDN) stacks.

Hyper-V Agent is a fully-featured sFlow agent for Microsoft Hyper-V, including sFlow monitoring for the Hyper-V virtual switch (running on Windows Server 2012), and physical and virtual host monitoring.

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