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Traffic Sentinel

HP Advanced Services zl Module

A single HP Advanced Services zl Module running Traffic Sentinel software gives full visibility into all traffic on the network, allowing timely, targeted actions and control to ensure optimal performance. No additional probes are required; Traffic Sentinel makes use of sFlow® technology intergrated into most existing HP Networking switches to monitor the entire network.


  • Manage network, server, storage and communications performance from a single "pane of glass."
  • Identify network, computing and storage hot spots.
  • Track network, server and application dependencies.
  • Eliminate congestion and ensure quality of service.
  • Identify underutilized resources and improve efficiency.
  • Account for usage.
  • Monitor the entire network (up to 400 switches and 20,000 switch ports) using a single module.
  • Easy to deploy and administer. Module fits in a single switch chassis slot; eliminating the need to a dedicated server. Simple setup and administration using switch CLI and web browser.

How to obtain Traffic Sentinel

  1. Obtain an HP Advanced Services zl Module from your HP Networking reseller.
  2. Register for a free evaluation.

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