Announcing InMon Traffic Sentinel 8.8

July 2023: InMon Traffic Sentinel 8.8 is now available for download. This is a free upgrade for customers who have purchased annual maintenance.

Previous release: 8.7

New features include:

  1. Interactive enhancements to Sankey flow visualization
  2. Traffic deduplication improvements
  3. Upgrade to Apache Tomcat 9
  4. Performance and Scalability Improvements

Interactive enhancements to Sankey flow vizualization

Traffic Sentinel ships with an example "sankey2.js" dashboard script under File>REST. Make a Copy and edit to customize. The list of layers defines the columns in the Sankey chart. Functions such as "name(asn(ipsource))" can be used. This new chart colors flows end-to-end according to the selected layer, and that selection can be changed interactively by clicking on the layer heading.

// description: sankeyflows
// author: InMon
// date: 7/6/2023
// version: 2.0
// authLevel:operator
// clientJS:sankey-2.0.js
// ttl:60
// view:traffic
// resultFormat: json


new Sankey({
    height: 600,
    layers: ['sourceaddress','protocol','name(asn(destinationaddress))'],
    labels: [null, null, "Destination AS"],
    selectedLayer: 1,
    value: "bps",
    interval: "last5minutes",
    colors: '#002054,#db3a34,#f0c808,#56926e,#6c4f77,#4281a4',
    refresh: true,
    where: "",
    debug: false

Traffic Deduplication Improvements

In networks where traffic is reported on virtual interfaces, such as NetFlow from Juniper or Cisco routers, the topology-based dedupication modes (QueryPlacementMode=fabric or QueryPlacementMode=fabric2) are no longer defeated by the deeply-nested interface hierarchies that appear when LAGs are configured.

Upgrade to Apache Tomcat 9

The web front-end now uses Apache Tomcat 9.0.76.

Performance and Scalability Improvements

The experimental option PACKDB=yes is now enabled by default. This results in significant performance gains on I/O bound queries. This shift reflects changes in the server I/O and memory resources that are typically available today. Traffic Sentinel is designed to take full advantage of extra CPU cores, extra RAM and SSD disks. For details, see the tutorial on Sentinel Performance Tuning.

Previous Release: Announcing Traffic Sentinel 8.7