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RTL Television Selects InMon Corp’s Traffic Sentinel for Network-Wide Surveillance

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--InMon Corporation, the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched networks, announced that its Traffic Sentinel solution has been selected to provide network traffic monitoring and analysis for the RTL Television’s complete LAN and WAN infrastructure.

RTL Television is Germany’s most successful and popular commercial broadcaster which has evolved into a corporate group including broadcasting, interactive video, teleshopping, and telemarketing. Extremely high performance and reliable network connectivity is essential for RTL Television’s business operations. RTL Television uses InMon Traffic Sentinel together with the sFlow® traffic monitoring technology embedded in the network infrastructure to maintain complete visibility of network usage. This solution has proved to be particularly effective for understanding and optimizing multicast traffic which is used for program distribution; ensuring appropriate and effective use of Internet Protocol Type of Service (IP ToS) for traffic prioritization; and maintaining quality of service for high bandwidth applications. Using the powerful and fully customizable reporting capabilities of InMon Traffic Sentinel, the RTL Television staff has data at their fingertips that allows them to take effective and rapid control actions, ensuring the integrity and performance of the network.

"The quality of service delivered by the RTL network is critical for our business," said Mario Balzar, Network Engineer at RTL. "Traditionally this has been very difficult to monitor and manage, but now with InMon Traffic Sentinel and sFlow, we have full visibility into how the network is being used and the quality of service that it is delivering."

"InMon is delighted to work with RTL Television," commented Sonia Panchen, Vice President of InMon Corp. "RTL Television’s deployment of sFlow and InMon Traffic Sentinel throughout sites in multiple European countries has proved to be an effective solution for monitoring and managing their large and geographically distributed multi-service network."

InMon Traffic Sentinel is an enterprise class solution that fully exploits the sFlow standard for monitoring layer 2-7 switches/routers and gives complete end-to-end network visibility. Traffic Sentinel provides real-time and historical reports of all traffic flows across the network. This enables rapid identification of causes of congestion, effective allocation of network resources to ensure that SLAs are met for all classes of traffic, protection against security threats, accurate accounting for usage, and optimization of peering relationships. In addition to sFlow, Traffic Sentinel supports the new IPFIX standard for monitoring routers as well as vendor specific technologies such as Cisco NetFlow®, Juniper j-flow, Riverstone LFAP and Hewlett-Packard Extended RMON.

sFlow® is the industry standard for monitoring layer 2-7 switches, available in equipment from most leading network equipment vendors, including: Alcatel-Lucent (CGEP: PA, NYSE: ALA), Extreme Networks (Nasdaq: EXTR), Force10 Networks, Foundry Networks (Nasdaq: FDRY), ProCurve Networking by HP (NYSE: HPQ) and Hitachi (NYSE: HIT).

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InMon Corp is the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks. These solutions provide the tools and information needed to take control of today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services. Customers throughout the world in a variety of sectors including: Enterprise, Service Provider, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Media are using solutions from InMon Corp.

InMon Corp. is the pioneer in the application of statistical sampling for scalable and cost effective solutions for network-wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents pending in this field. As the inventor of sFlow, InMon Corp. works closely with leading switch vendors to enhance their networking solutions with comprehensive traffic management. For more information visit


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