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InMon Corp. Delivers Complete Network Visibility with Traffic Sentinel

San Francisco, California — May 24, 2006 — InMon Corp. the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high speed switched and routed networks, today announced the immediate availability of InMon Traffic Sentinel, the successor to InMon's highly successful Traffic Server product.

InMon Traffic Sentinel

Traffic Sentinel addresses the many aspects of network monitoring needed to ensure the secure and reliable delivery of essential network services; including voice, email, web and database access. Traffic Sentinel's complete visibility into network activity quickly identifies and resolves threats to the network, helping to avoid expensive outages and security breaches.

"In our environment performance is critical. Traffic Sentinel allows us to pinpoint network problems instantly through its unprecedented visibility into traffic throughout our new campus" said Robert Jordan, Senior Network Engineer, Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

Traffic Sentinel provides complete end-to-end visibility, and eliminates the need for expensive probes, by making use of instrumentation available within network equipment.

Traffic Sentinel fully supports the sFlow® standard for monitoring layer 2/3 switches; available in equipment from most leading network equipment vendors, including: Alcatel (CGEP: PA, NYSE: ALA), Extreme Networks (Nasdaq: EXTR), Force10 Networks, Foundry Networks (Nasdaq: FDRY), Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) and Hitachi (NYSE: HIT).

In addition, Traffic Sentinel supports the new IPFIX standard for monitoring routers as well as vendor specific technologies such as Cisco NetFlow®, Juniper j-flow, Riverstone LFAP and Hewlett Packard Extended RMON.

"As services migrate to the data network both the importance and the complexity of the network are increasing" said Peter Phaal, President of InMon Corp. "Traffic Sentinel meets the challenge of managing integrated networks by providing an integrated set of capabilities that address security, quality of service, performance and cost management across the entire network."

About InMon Corp

InMon Corp is the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks. These solutions provide the tools and information needed to take control of today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services. Customers throughout the world in a variety of sectors including: Enterprise, Service Provider, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Media are using solutions from InMon Corp.

InMon Corp. is the pioneer in the application of statistical sampling for scalable and cost effective solutions for network-wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents pending in this field. As the inventor of sFlow, InMon Corp. works closely with leading switch vendors to enhance their networking solutions with comprehensive traffic management. For more information visit


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