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Network Security Turned Inside Out

InMon Corporation introduces network-wide IDS capability for protecting against internal network threats

San Francisco — April 27, 2004 — InMon Corporation, the leading supplier of monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks, has introduced InMon Traffic Server 4.0 which provides unprecedented capability to identify security threats that have breached or evaded traditional IDS and firewall solutions.

Recent Internet worms have exposed the limitations of relying on firewalls to secure access to enterprise networks. A single laptop, wireless access point, or connection to a business partner can introduce a rapidly spreading worm behind the firewall, severely impacting business activities. In the past, lack of visibility into internal network traffic has made it notoriously difficult to detect and isolate infected hosts. Now, InMon Traffic Server 4.0 takes advantage of the industry standard sFlow® technology embedded in the switch and router fabric from leading network equipment vendors (such as Foundry Networks, Extreme Networks, HP) to gain unprecedented visibility into the L2-L7 traffic patterns and to rapidly identify and locate hosts which have been compromised or are violating security policies.

The InMon Traffic Server and sFlow solution is uniquely positioned to complement traditional IDS/firewall solutions, protecting the network from the inside out. The lightweight sFlow capability embedded within every switch port exports sampled packet headers to the central Traffic Server. The Traffic Server includes a highly scalable traffic correlation engine that allows it to monitor tens of thousands of switch or router ports simultaneously, providing network-wide surveillance. Traffic Server performs real-time analysis of traffic data, raising alerts on signature matches or traffic profiles that indicate security threats and locating the offending hosts so they can be removed from the network.

"This solution completely revolutionizes the way that the all too frequent worm outbreaks are handled" says Peter Phaal, InMon Corp. President. "Our customers can now receive instant alerts on compromises to their internal security anywhere on the network. The alerts provide sufficient detail to allow them to pinpoint the problem and take rapid controlling action, without the need to deploy sniffers or probes."

In addition to the new security features, Traffic Server 4.0 also capitalizes on sFlow's detailed packet level data export capability to present detailed statistics on higher-level protocols (such as RTP, used to carry VoIP etc.) and IPv6.

About InMon Corp

InMon Corp is the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks. These solutions provide the tools and information needed to take control of today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services. Customers throughout the world in a variety of sectors including: Enterprise, Service Provider, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Media are using solutions from InMon Corp.

InMon Corp. is the pioneer in the application of statistical sampling for scalable and cost effective solutions for network-wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents pending in this field. As the inventor of sFlow, InMon Corp. works closely with leading switch vendors to enhance their networking solutions with comprehensive traffic management. For more information visit


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