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Enterasys Networks Announces Strategic Partnership with InMon Corporation

Enterasys' X-Pedition Routers and InMon Traffic Server Maximize Control of Network Traffic and Enhance Security

ANDOVER, Mass — August 11, 2003 — Enterasys Networks Inc. (NYSE: ETS), a global provider of Business Driven Networks™ for enterprise customers, today announced a partnership with InMon Corporation, the leading provider of traffic management solutions for high-speed networks. This partnership brings together Enterasys' X-Pedition Series Routers with the InMon Traffic Server, providing customers with superior operational control over network traffic and increased security.

The X-Pedition's support for the NetFlow traffic accounting protocol, combined with the InMon Traffic Server's highly scalable, real-time, historical traffic data collection and analysis capability, provides network managers with an enterprise-wide view of all network traffic. This enables them to rapidly respond to network performance problems, detect and contain security threats, collect accurate usage-based accounting data for billing purposes, and deploy network resources more efficiently.

"With the InMon Traffic Server and X-Pedition Series Routers, customers can optimize the performance, availability and operational efficiency of their networks through continuous monitoring and analysis of traffic," said Mark Aslett, president of Enterasys Networks. "Our partnership with InMon Corporation is another example of Enterasys' commitment to providing enterprise customers with the very best management tools to ensure that their network infrastructure will always support their overarching business objectives."

The InMon/Enterasys partnership enables network managers to maximize the performance and availability of network services with real-time identification of network problems. For example, network managers can immediately pinpoint denial of service attacks and intrusions through network-wide audit-trail analysis. In addition, the trending of network-wide traffic patterns can facilitate planning for cost effective upgrades, and accounting for network usage can be used for revenue purposes.

"Enterasys is the ideal partner for InMon because we are both committed to help customers develop their networks so that they are better suited to meet specific business requirements," said Peter Phaal, President of InMon Corporation. "This partnership brings together two best-of-breed technologies that provide customers with unprecedented control over their networks."

"Enterasys Networks provides a full implementation of the NetFlow protocol as a standard component across all of its routing code," said Kevin Conway, enterprise management and security consultant for Altrucom, an Enterasys/InMon implementation partner. "This functionality, at no extra cost, combined with InMon's highly scaleable Traffic Server application, provides one of the most cost effective solutions to any company's traffic-profiling needs."

About InMon Traffic Server

InMon Traffic Server provides "always-on" monitoring and management of tens of thousands of switch/router ports. It presents real-time and historical reports of application-layer traffic flows across the entire network. The Traffic Server solution allows network managers to identify causes of congestion, distribute new network resources effectively, accurately account and bill for usage, protect against security threats, monitor and manage QoS policies to meet SLAs, and optimize BGP peering relationships. InMon Traffic Server gives network managers the tools and information needed to optimize network performance for today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services.

About Enterasys Networks X-Pedition

Enterasys' X-Pedition ER16 is a 16 slot, modular Layer 3 router that provides outstanding capacity, performance and a complete set of application services, enabling corporate networks and e-businesses to optimize and control their networks to meet critical business goals. The ER16 provides a comprehensive set of advanced application services, including traffic prioritization, traffic shaping, multilayer security, application load balancing, application content verification and high availability. These advanced services provide critical control of business-centric applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), SAP, database, e-commerce, multimedia, and converged voice, video and data.

About InMon Corp

InMon Corp is the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks. These solutions provide the tools and information needed to take control of today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services. Customers throughout the world in a variety of sectors including: Enterprise, Service Provider, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Media are using solutions from InMon Corp.

InMon Corp. is the pioneer in the application of statistical sampling for scalable and cost effective solutions for network-wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents pending in this field. As the inventor of sFlow, InMon Corp. works closely with leading switch vendors to enhance their networking solutions with comprehensive traffic management. For more information visit

About Enterasys Networks

Enterasys Networks (NYSE: ETS) is a global provider of Business-Driven Networks™ for enterprise customers. Enterasys' innovative network infrastructure offerings deliver the security, productivity and agility benefits required by Global 2000 organizations, coupled with the industry's strongest service and support. For more information on Enterasys and its products, including multilayer switches and routers, wireless LANs, VPN, network management, and intrusion detection systems (IDS), visit


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