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Total Network Solutions is named first Reseller in Europe for InMon Network's sFlow Technology

June 18, 2002—US based InMon Corporation has announced the signing of UK Reseller Total Network Solutions Ltd to launch their network traffic management solutions in the UK and Europe.

As a Cisco Gold Partner and Authorised Foundry Reseller, Total Network Solutions Ltd was the perfect choice to adopt this technology, which can be incorporated into both Cisco and Foundry products. The sFlow technology, for example, is embedded into the JetCore chipsets used in Foundry's latest products.

Industry standard sFlow (RFC 3176) is a network traffic monitoring technology available in switches and routers providing timely, detailed, and reliable traffic measurements, scalable to gigabit speeds.

sFlow provides the breakthrough needed to enable always-on traffic monitoring to be deployed on a network-wide basis for the first time. sFlow is inexpensive enough to embed in every interface, and scalable enough to monitor thousands of interfaces at speeds up to 10Gbps. sFlow offers a solution suitable for all switching and routing products, all the way from a small workgroup switch to a core Internet backbone router.

sFlow is currently available in products from Foundry Networks and will be supported by other vendors in the near future. InMon, the developers of sFlow, have published the specification as Internet RFC 3176 and made the sFlow agent source code freely available to promote rapid take up of the technology.

Sonia Panchen, Director of InMon Corporation said:

"The value of this technology is in the analysis and interpretation of the data, SFlow is a breakthrough network traffic monitoring technology and when used with analysis applications, such an InMon Traffic Server, the benefits create a reduction on Total Cost of Ownership by providing a higher performance and more reliable network service".

InMon, through its resellers, also provides 'Traffic Server', a management solution for collecting and analysing sFlow data. Traffic Server can also collect and analyse information from legacy monitoring technologies including NetFlow (R) and SNMP. By understanding the volume and nature of traffic carried on each route you can optimise performance and cost justify peering policies.

Cheryl Adams, Service Provider Manager commented:

"To be the first in Europe to adopt this technology is a great accolade for TNS Ltd. The benefits our customer's can gain from this new technology are extensive. Network usage information is a key piece of business intelligence, which is essential for developing new revenue streams. I predict there will be a very early take up on this new technology, as every company wants to feel in control of their network and have the ability to monitor and manage their network effectively".

About InMon Corp

InMon Corp is the leading supplier of traffic monitoring solutions for high-speed switched and routed networks. These solutions provide the tools and information needed to take control of today's mission-critical, value-added applications and services. Customers throughout the world in a variety of sectors including: Enterprise, Service Provider, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Media are using solutions from InMon Corp.

InMon Corp. is the pioneer in the application of statistical sampling for scalable and cost effective solutions for network-wide traffic monitoring, analysis, and reporting and has multiple patents pending in this field. As the inventor of sFlow, InMon Corp. works closely with leading switch vendors to enhance their networking solutions with comprehensive traffic management. For more information visit