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This page allows you to schedule report to run periodically.

Scheduling a report

Reports can be scheduled to run at almost any frequency. For example, a report that tests for an error condition and raises an event might be scheduled to run every five minutes, while another report charting general traffic trends might be scheduled to run every weekend, and send results by email.

Only reports that have been run by the scheduler will be visible under the Report>View page.

If you are at the top level Schedule page, then you will see a list of the reports that are defined and can be scheduled. Find the report you want to change the settings for, and click Edit.

In the Report>Schedule form, you will find options such as Minute and Hour for specifying when the report should run. The option menus on the right hand side can be used for convenience to select most common settings. A '*' in any field means "any". For example, to run the report at 2:30am every night except Saturday and Sunday, the settings would be:

The Reports to Keep setting determines how many old reports from previous intervals will be kept before they are deleted. As these reports accumulate they can be browsed on the Report>View page.

To have the report delivered by email as soon as it completes, enter one or more email addresses in the Email box. For email to be delivered successfully, the sendmail service must be configured on the server.