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The Upgrade page is used to install new versions of the Traffic Sentinel software.


Where do I get software updates?

If you are a supported customer, you can find the latest version of software at Check to see if there is a newer version of the Traffic Sentinel software (you can find your current version number on the Sentinel:File>About page). If you decide to upgrade, download the software and save it on your PC.

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How do I install a software update?

First download the new software to your PC, then go to the Sentinel:File>Upgrade page and enter the location of the file into the input box and click Submit to install the new software. The upgrade may take a few minutes, once it is complete the page should refresh automatically.

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How do I verify that the update is installed?

Check the Sentinel:File>About page. The Version should reflect the version number of the upgrade you just installed.

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