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The Layer 3 page shows discovered routers and the subnets they connect.


What controls are available on the map?

The following operations are supported on the map:

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How do I remove non-transit subnets from the map?

The CIDR control is used to filter the subnets that are displayed on the map. The Transit Only setting shows only subnets that connect two or more routers together.

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How do I get detailed information on a device?

Hovering over an item in the map will cause it to expand to show additional information. Underlined labels on lines and nodes are links to search for additional information on the item (see Sentinel:Search>Host, Sentinel:Search>Agent/Interface and Sentinel:Search>Protocol )

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How do I display status on the map?

Set the Show option to Status. The color of agents and links will reflect the worst status of any component of the item.

The following status colors are used:

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