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Enter the address of a switch or router or a pattern to search for and click on the Submit button. Any matching devices will be returned.


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How do I get details if there is more than one device in the results?

If more than one device matches the search then all the matches will be summarized in a table. Click on a row in the table to see details of the device.

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What do the buttons on the result page do?

Search results may contain one or more of the following buttons across the top of the page:

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What search patterns can I use?

The following examples illustrate different types of search string:

The * symbol in a pattern matches any sequence of zero or more characters, for example the pattern router* would match: "router", "routers", "router123" etc. The ? symbol matches any single character, for example the pattern router? would match: "routers", "router1", "router2", but not "router" or "router12".

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