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The Install page is used to install and manage report templates.


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What is a report template?

A report template is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file used to specify new types of query. A report template file will have a ".xml" extension.

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How do I install a new report template?

You must first put the report template file on the computer you are using to access Traffic Sentinel. Next, go to the Report>Install page and enter the location of the template file into the input box and click Submit. If the file is a properly constructed report template it will be installed and added to the list of templates.

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How do I remove a report template?

Find the report template in the list of templates and click on the Remove button to delete the report template.

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How can I create a report template?

Before attempting to construct your own report template, you should be familiar with the Sentinel:Report>Script page and be able to construct your own scripted queries.

You should first develop a script that extracts the data that you want in your new query, then you can construct a report template containing the script. The tutorial, Tutorial: Creating Report Templates, describes the steps needed to create a report template.

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