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The List page lists recent events in chronological order (with newest events at the top of the list).


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What are the different columns in the table?

Each event has the following attributes:

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What do the different status colors mean?

The following colors are used in the Status column:

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How do I select which events will be displayed?

The Filter options at the top of the screen control the Interval, Severity and Type of events displayed. The Truncate option controls the number of events displayed.

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How do I get more detail on a specific event?

Click on any event to see additional information, including links to other applications that will help identify the cause of the event.

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How can I get events sent to me?

Click on the button to access the filtered event list as an RSS feed.

You can also forward events as SNMP traps, syslog events or email (see File>Configure).

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How do I control the events that are generated?

Scheduled reports may post Security, Threshold, or Configuration events (see Report). You will need to configure thresholds before counter-based threshold events will be generated (see File>Configure).

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