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The About page displays contact information and information about the software version, license and software key.


How do I change settings?

Many of the setttings on this page can be changed using the Sentinel:File>Configure form.

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How do I check that my software key is valid?

A software key is issued against a particular Serial Number and Server. If the key is valid the value of Software Key will be OK. In the case of a temporary key the time remaining will be shown.

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The server name is incorrect, how do I change it?

The Server field displays the server name that Traffic Sentinel will use to validate the sofware key. It is important that the server is configured with a valid name. The name displayed in the Server field should be the fully qualified domain name of the server. On Redhat Linux systems the host name is typically configured during installation, but can be changed later using the command:


and setting the Hostname in the DNS settings. Use File>Save to install the new settings.

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