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The Dashboard page contains a number of widgets, or mini-applications, that allow a customized "control panel" to be created.


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What are widgets?

A widget is a small application that updates a rectangular section of the page. Widgets are organized into pages and the widgets on a page are layed out in a grid. The Page option is used to select which page to show and the Columns option controls the number of widgets per row when displaying the widgets on a page.

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How do I customize my Dashboard?

Click on the New Page button to create a new page for widgets. Click on the Rename Page button to rename the current page. Click on Delete Page to delete the current page and all the widgets that it contains. Finally click on New Widget button to add a new widget to the current page. If you want to delete a widget, just click on the delete tag on the top right of the widget. To reorder the widgets on a page, change the number at the top left of the widget and the widget will move to that position.

Note: You must have an account (and be logged into your account) in order to modify your Dashboard.

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How do I configure a widget?

Click on the edit tag on the top right of the widget you want to configure to open its settings. Click on edit again to close the settings. The specific settings will vary with each type of widget. Make any changes you want and then click Submit to make the changes.

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What does the link tag do?

A widget may link to related information. Clicking on the link tag at the top right of a widget displays the information associated with the link.

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How do I install additional widgets?

Use the Sentinel: Home>Install page to install new widgets.

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Why can't I see my widgets?

You must have an account on Traffic Sentinel in order to have a customized Dashboard. If you have an account, click on the Login link on the top right of the page to log into your account. Otherwise, use the Sentinel:File>Users page to create a new account.

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