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The Schedule page is used schedule reports to run periodically.


How do I schedule a report to run?

The table shows all the reports that can be scheduled. Click on a report to edit its schedule.

The schedule form is organised as a table. Each row corresponds to a different parameter. The first column contains the parameter name, the second column contains the value for the parameter and the third column contains an option button with typical values for the parameter. Picking an option using the option button will automatically set the parameter value.

The following parameters are available:

Reports can be scheduled to run at almost any frequency. For example, a report that tests for an error condition and raises an event might be scheduled to run every five minutes, while another report charting general traffic trends might be scheduled to run every weekend, and send results by email.

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How do I prevent a report from running?

When editing the report schedule, click on the Suspend button to prevent the report from being run.

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Why can't I find my report in the schedule list?

A report must have all of its parameters correctly specified before it can be scheduled to run. Go to the Sentinel:Report>Edit page to add the missing parameters to the report.

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How do I get reports emailed to me?

When editing the report schedule you can set Email to a comma separated list of email addresses. Whenever the scheduler creates a new version of the report a copy will be sent to all the recipients on the list.

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How do I view the reports that I have scheduled?

You will need to wait until the scheduler has run the report before you can view it. Go to the Sentinel:Report>View page to see the reports produced by the report scheduler.

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Can I automatically save old copies of a report?

When editing the report schedule you can set # Reports to Keep to automatically save old copies of the reports. For example, a value of 7 would keep the last seven versions of the report. Older reports are automatically deleted.

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