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Additional configuration files

Some additional preference settings can be adjust by logging into the server and editing files in the /usr/local/inmsf/etc/config directory:

  • global.prefs

    This file is used for miscellaneous settings that are not captured in the XML configuration.

  • protocols.txt

    This file contains names that are associated with well-known protocol ports.

  • protocolPriorities.txt

    This file controls the priority ordering of TCP and UDP ports. It is used to determine wihch end of a connection was the client and which was the server. When comparing the source and destination port numbers in a flow, the one with the higher priority (the one appearing earlier in this list) is assumed to be the server port.

  • protocolGroups.txt

    This file is used to classify and name groups of protocols. The format of each line is:


    The semicolon character ';' is used to indicate comment fields. Any changes you make to this file are reflected immediately in the protocolgroup field.