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Enter the address of a switch or router or a pattern to search for and click on the Submit button. Any matching devices will be returned.

If the search matches multiple devices, they will be listed. If a single device matches, details of that device will be displayed along with links to further information.

Click on the Status button to see the status of the device and its interfaces. (see Traffic>Status). Click on the Show Map button to see a map showing the location of the device (see Map>Layer 2). Click on the Connections button to see a real-time chart of the top connections through the selected device or interface (see Traffic>Trend). Click on the Utilization button to see a real-time chart of the utilization of the selected interface (see Traffic>Trend).

The following examples illustrate different types of search string:

The * symbol in a pattern matches any sequence of zero or more characters, for example the pattern router* would match: "router", "routers", "router123" etc. The ? symbol matches any single character, for example the pattern router? would match: "routers", "router1", "router2", but not "router" or "router12".