1.5. Getting help

You can use the built-in help in sFlowTrend-Pro to get on-line and context-sensitive help. Three options are available from the Help menu:

Shows the contents of the on-line help in a new window.
Help Help on current view
Shows help for the current tab being viewed in sFlowTrend-Pro.
Help Point and click help
Changes the mouse cursor to a help pointer , and then allows you to click anywhere within the sFlowTrend-Pro window. Instead of the mouse click having its usual effect, context sensitive help will be displayed for the part of the window that was clicked.

In addition, you can press the F1 key to get help on the current view, in most situations.

If you have trouble with getting sFlowTrend-Pro to work correctly, please refer to Chapter 14, Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please submit a support request at the InMon Corp. customer portal (http://www.myinmon.com).

For sales requests, please send an email to .

1.5.1. Using the on-line help window

The on-line help window is displayed when you request help. The window provides various ways to navigate the help system. On the left is the navigation panel, and on the right the content is displayed.

The navigation panel offers three ways to find the help that you are interested in. Select these by clicking on the tabs along the top of the panel. The options are:

Table of contents
Allows you to select the content displayed by finding the entry in the table of contents. The table of contents can be expanded and collapsed as needed by clicking the icon at the beginning of each entry, and the content displayed by clicking on the title of the entry.
Allows you to search on text in the help. The results shown will be ordered based on relevance to the text you entered.
Keeps a list of favourites or bookmarks that you can add to. When viewing a help entry, click the favourites toolbar button to add an entry to the favourites list. You can then quickly go back to that entry by clicking it in the favourites panel. Remove the entry by right clicking on it.