Chapter 13. Configuration

Table of Contents

13.1. Configuring the license
13.2. Configuring agents in sFlowTrend-Pro
13.2.1. Adding a switch that is to be configured via SNMP
13.2.2. Importing and exporting agent configuration
13.2.3. Verifying the switch configuration and status
13.3. Configuring subnets in sFlowTrend-Pro
13.4. Configuring action on events in sFlowTrend-Pro
13.5. Options
13.5.1. Setting the switch, interface, and host naming policy Setting the switch naming policy Setting the interface naming policy Setting the host naming policy
13.5.2. Configuring global SNMP settings
13.5.3. Configuring advanced options
13.5.4. Proxy configuration
13.5.5. Email
13.5.6. Advanced sFlow
13.6. Configuring user authentication
13.6.1. Adding a user

13.1. Configuring the license

The license must be configured before using sFlowTrend-Pro.

Select the FileLicense menu item to launch the license dialog. The first time you connect to sFlowTrend-Pro this dialog should launch automatically.

Enter the license number for your sFlowTrend-Pro license (starts with "SFT...") in the License number field, then press the Set license button to configure the license on the server. If there is any problem with the license number you provided, this should be reported, allowing the correct number to be entered. Otherwise, if the license is accepted, the dialog will close and sFlowTrend-Pro will continue with the new license.

sFlowTrend-Pro will use the license number entered to download the actual license key from the Internet. If the server requires a proxy connection for Internet access, please ensure that this is correctly configured (see Section 13.5.4, “Proxy configuration ). If the system has no Internet connectivity at all, then the full license key can be entered manually. To get the key, please submit a support request at Then click Advanced on the license dialog, and a field for the key will be shown. You can paste the key into the field using the Ctrl-v key. After pressing the Set license button, the new license from the key will be used.