2.5. Memory configuration for the sFlowTrend-Pro service

The amount of memory required by the sFlowTrend-Pro service varies considerably, depending on how many sFlow agents are monitored, and the quantity and type of network traffic. The default memory available to the service is generous and suitable for most installations. However, if memory runs low then events will appear in the event log warning of this, and performance of sFlowTrend-Pro may become poor.

To increase the memory available to the service, first go to the bin directory, in the directory on the server where sFlowTrend-Pro was installed. Here there should be a file named sflowtrend-server.vmoptions. Edit this file with a text editor, and add a line to the end with this format:


This will change the memory available to be 1800 MB. The memory can also be reduced in a similar way. After making this change, the sFlowTrend-Pro service must be restarted for the change to take effect.

[Note] Note

It is very important to specify a valid memory configuration. If the directive is typed incorrectly, or has an invalid size of memory, then the sFlowTrend-Pro service will not start. Be aware that with a 32-bit JRE, the maximum memory that can be specified is approximately 1800 MB; if the size is greater than this, then the service will not start. If you are using a 64-bit OS and a 64-bit JRE, then a larger amount can be specified.