Appendix B. Configuring hosts to send sFlow

Table of Contents

B.1. Installing the host sFlow agent
B.2. Configuring the host sFlow agent
B.2.1. Linux configuration using DNS Service Discovery
B.2.2. Linux configuration using the configuration file

Your hosts must be configured to send sFlow to sFlowTrend-Pro. Eventually, it is expected that operating system vendors will integrate sFlow directly into their products. Until then, an add-on agent is available for host sFlow from

B.1. Installing the host sFlow agent

Currently, the host sFlow agent is available in RPM form for Linux, as a Windows installer, and as an RPM for XenServer. The source code is also available if you would prefer to build it from scratch, perhaps for a different operating system. Download the package appropriate for your systems, and install using the normal methods for each operating system.