Help : Monitor : Performance

The directory /usr/local/inmon/probe/mib/contains counters that can be used to examine the performance of the sFlow Probe.

WARNING: If the sFlow process is stopped then the counters will no longer be updated. Make sure that the sFlow Probe process is running before relying on the counter values.

Counter files have the following naming conventions:



counter_name defines the type of counter (listed below)
agent is IP address of a device the probe is monitoring (see Configuration).
interface is the name of an interface card (see Configuration).


Counters are provided as monotonically increasing values, and delta values over the last minute. For example frames gives the total number of frames since the probe was restarted, and framesLastInterval gives the number of frames in the last minute.


The number of broadcast frames received on the interface.


The number of multicast frames received on the interface..


The number of frames received on the interface.


The number of bytes received on the interface. This value is useful in determining if the monitor/SPAN port is reaching its capacity. Inaccurate results will be obtained if packets are lost due to an overloaded monitor/SPAN port.


The number of frames that were sampled on the interface. The ratio of flowSamples to frames is determined by the sampling rate.


The number of times that interfaces on the agent were polled using SNMP.


The number of sFlow datagrams sent carrying data from this agent.


The number of NetFlow records generated for this agent.