Help : Configure : Example 4

The following configuration file shows typical settings for a probe monitoring a router using LFAP data exported from the router:


host =                      ; change to result of "hostname" command
softwareKey = 3BC37BEF3C13E76F0003FFFFA4E46D998B7D7C3949879FCD475158E1
collectorHost =           ; name of the sFlow collector

; some settings can have default values defined at the top level
; which are then overridden for specific agents below:

samplingRate = 1000
community = private                          ; Required to get interface counters.

inputPort = 5555                             ; Listen for LFAP on port 5555

        ; agent sending LFAP data

        address =                 ; address of the switch management agent
                                             ; Note: Only LFAP data from this
                                             ;       agent will be accepted.
        ; Uncomment next 2 lines to use iBGP to peer with Router
        ; Note: Only needed if AS path information is required.
        ; BGP_Peer = YES
        ; BGP_LocalAS = 65111
                LFAPVersion = 5              ; We are receiving LFAP version 5.

Note: The router ( must be configured to send LFAP data to port 5555 on Consult the documentation for your router for instructions on configuring LFAP export.