Help : Configure

The following steps are needed to configure an sFlow Probe:

  1. Edit the /usr/local/inmon/probe/config/pkp.ini file.
  2. Start the probe using the command:
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/inxsfpd start
  3. Check the /usr/local/inmon/probe/config/pkp.err file to ensure that there were no errors in the configuration file.

The following examples are provided in order to understand the structure of the configuration file:

Example 1: Layer 2/3 switch with mirror/SPAN port.
Example 2: Router using NetFlow.
Example 3: Router using NetFlow and backbone switches using their monitor ports.
Example 4: Router using LFAP.
Example 5: Router using virtual interfaces and backbone switches using monitor ports.

A complete list of configuration options is provided for reference.