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The form is accessed from the Query>Other>RRD menu. Queries accessing RRDTool data are made using the URL /its/query/RRDChart. The following arguments are recognized:


The IP address or domain name of the switch or router.


The interface index (ifIndex) of the interface.


The action parameter determines the type of result generated by the query.

  • chart Returns a single chart as a GIF image.
  • details Returns a page of charts providing day, week, month and year trends.
  • all Returns a page of charts showing all the types of data being logged.
  • index Creates an index page of all the interfaces.


Specify which of the parameters in the rrdName are to be plotted. Current settings are:

  • bps Plot a bits per second chart showing utilization trend.
  • errs Plot error counters.
  • pkts Plot packets per second trend, identifying different types of packets.


Identify the data set to be used when plotting the chart. Current values are:

  • stats Logs SNMP mib-2 counters.
  • svcs Logs protocol breakdown data specified by setting.


Specify the height of the chart in pixels.


Specify the width of the chart in pixels.


Charts are maintained for the following intervals:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • year


When set to YES include a vertical red line to indicate the start of day, week, month or year.


When set to YES legend information will be included within the chart image.


When set to YES interface information obtained via SNMP will be included in query results.


Include the supplied title string when generating charts.