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The form is accessed from the Query>Other>Events menu. The events query returns the most recent events using the URL /its/query/Events. The following arguments are recognized:

The result is always a table of the form:

<Time> <Server> <Severity> <Type> <Name> <Value> <Address> <Interface> <URL> <Comment>


Filter on the address field in an event.


Filter on the comment field in an event.


The interface index (ifIndex) of the interface.


Dates and times are specified in the following formats:

yyyymmdd Includes all the hours in the specified date.
yyyymmddhh Includes a specific hour.
today All hours from midnight to current hour.
yesterday All hours yesterday.
thisWeek All hours from Midnight Sunday to current hour.
lastWeek All hours last week.
thisMonth All hours from start of month to current hour.
lastMonth All hours last month.
lastHour Last hour.
last24Hours Last 24 hours.
last7Days Last 7 days to current hour.
last30Days Last 30 days to current hour.

Times and dates are interpreted in conjunction with the selected time zone (see TZ).

Dates can be combined in a list or specified as ranges, for example:


would include all the hours on 1-Sep-1999 and all the hours between midnight 5-Sep-1999 and noon 12-Sep-1999.

If the argument is omitted, then the hours since midnight today will be used.


Maximum number of events to return in an events query.


The maximum number of hours in the past to consider when processing the query.


Filter on the name field in an event.


The following result formats are recognized:

  • csv Returns a plain text table of results with each field separated by a comma.
  • html Returns a formatted html table of results.
  • debug Returns an html table containing the argument list, as well as a separate result table. Also provides a means of viewing error messages relating to improperly constructed queries.


Filter on the server field in an event.


Filter on the severity field in an event.


Filter on the type field in an event.


Filter on the value field in an event.